GP Survey 2010
Dermatology Study Afternoon
Overseas Patients
Westminster Community Dermatology Service
Complex Hip Service
Richmond Community Gynaecology Service
Kensington and Chelsea Community Dermatology Service
Western Extension of the Congestion Charging zone set to be scrapped
Oncology Education update
Choose and Book - New services added
South Westminster Centre
Consultant joiners and leavers
Education Sessions Survey
Would regular educational sessions held at the Chelsea and Westminster be of interest to you? Would regular educational sessions held at the Chelsea and Westminster be of interest to you?

If educational sessions are of interest to you, what time would suit you best? If educational sessions are of interest to you, what time would suit you best?


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GP Survey 2010

A little over 12 months ago we conducted our first survey of GPs to canvass opinion on the performance of the services we provide.  If you contributed to the survey, thank you again.

The 2009 survey provided valuable feedback that has informed changes in the way we provide services and communicate with you and patients. Improvements following your feedback include:

  • Amended access policy allowing more flexibility for patients, resulting in fewer being referred back to their GP unnecessarily
  • An appointment reminder service reducing DNA rates - With 770 fewer appointments missed each month
  • Improved website adding a health professionals’ section to find referral forms, service information (including the Directory of Services) and GP event listings.
  • GP portal to review and download pathology and imaging results generated from consultant requests (Launching spring 2011)

We ask you again to complete the 2010 GP survey to help us keep responsive and to continue to make improvements, for your benefit. Please follow this link to complete the survey: 


Dermatology Study Afternoon
'Management of the itchy patient'


The Dermatology Department will be holding an afternoon teaching session concentrating on the management of the itchy patient. The programme will include the common and unusual causes of pruritis and appropriate investigations. Each topic focuses on the practical management of the itchy patient, presented by members of the community dermatology team, giving you the chance to pose questions and discuss dermatology management in the primary care setting.
Details of the session for your diary:

  • Date: 27th January 2011
  • Time: 1415 – 1630
  • Venue:  Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

The afternoon session is free of charge and open to all primary care professionals. Please download a registration form here and return to Jonathan Harris.

Overseas Patients

Overseas PatientsThe hospital is currently working to raise awareness of the arrangements regarding the treatment of overseas patients on the NHS. Patients in this category are eligible for emergency care, but the cost of ongoing treatment will be reclaimed back from their country of origin, insurance company or from the patient directly. The only non-chargeable care is sexual health screening and services provided in the emergency department.

Overseas patients is a very complicated area of administration and you can assist us by identifying patients on your referrals as overseas so we can investigate them appropriately – you can ascertain this by ensuring that all patients are initially asked whether they have been resident in the UK for more than 12 months. This will highlight the patients who need further investigation and enable us to work through the guidance to ensure funding is appropriately sourced.

If you refer anyone to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for emergency treatment please ask them to bring proof of their nationality, residency and appropriate cards e.g. EHIC. No planned care can be scheduled eg an outpatient appointment until we have advance payment from the patient or agreement from their country of origin.

Anyone can be registered at a practice, get an NHS number and receive free primary care but this does not make them automatically eligible for services in secondary care.

If you need any further advice or support please ring one of our secondary care overseas officers on 0203 315 8483 or check the advice on the Department of Health website.

Westminster Community Dermatology Service
Paediatric Clinic - now open

Paediatric allergy-testing

A reminder that The Westminster Community Dermatology Service now accepts paediatric referrals. The service is delivered by a paediatric dermatology consultant. It provides intermediate care, so it is suitable for those patients who cannot be managed in general practice, but do not require care in an acute hospital setting.

The paediatric clinic, open to all Westminster patients, is held at South Westminster Centre for Health.

Referrals will be accepted through Choose and Book.Please use the EMIS or VISION form when making a referral.

Complex Hip Service
Temporary Suspension of service

Our orthopaedic hip specialist, Mr Warwick Radford, will be unavailable for at least the next few months and unfortunately we have been unable to secure short term cover; therefore we have had to suspend the complex hip service. The service will not be visible on Choose and Book.

Our general hip service will continue unaffected, this accounts for the majority of hip referrals to the Trust so we hope the impact on patients will be minimal.

Richmond Community Gynaecology Service
November Launch

Commissioned by NHS Richmond, the Richmond Community Gynaecology Service held its first clinic on the 5th November.

The service treats patients with a broad range of conditions, including pelvic pain, menstrual disorders, menopause concerns and infertility (Full referral guidelines can be downloaded here). Making a referral to the service via NHS Richmond Clinical Assessment Service (CAS) ensures your patients are seen within 10 days by a multi-disciplinary secondary care team, consisting of consultants and specialist nurses. 
The team will provide assessment, ultra sound scanning and treatment in a single appointment combined with the opportunity to receive asymptomatic sexual health screening. The team is happy to provide telephone advice and attend practice meetings to provide education sessions, discuss the service and of course receive valuable feedback. Please contact Jonathan Harris if you would like to arrange an education session at your practice.  

The service will be provided as a weekly clinic at:

Teddington Memorial Hospital
Hampton Road
Middlesex, TW11 0JL

Referral forms can be found here:

 EMIS form, VISION form

Kensington and Chelsea Community Dermatology Service
New service launched

The Trust has been commissioned to provide a community dermatology service for Kensington and Chelsea residents. The new service means that patients can benefit from the expertise of the hospital’s specialist staff in a setting which is closer to their home and more convenient. The service is now open to referrals through Choose and Book with clinics held at:

  • St Charles’ Centre for Health and Wellbeing
  • Om Sai Medical Centre (January 2011)

Please use the EMIS or VISION form when making a referral. Full referral guidelines can be found here.

Western Extension of the Congestion Charging zone set to be scrapped


Good news for patients, visitors and staff who use their cars to drive to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital – the Western Extension of the Congestion Charging zone will be abolished from the end of the charging day on Christmas Eve.

Thank you to all practices, patients and visitors who supported the Trust by having their say during the recent public consultation on this issue.

We supported the removal of the Western Extension because it included the hospital and therefore unfairly disadvantaged staff, patients and visitors to the hospital.

Oncology Education update
Acute Oncology

The Oncology Department will be running a study afternoon with discussion focused on acute oncology. Lectures topics include new developments in lung cancer, an introduction to the acute oncology service and oncology emergencies including spinal cord compression. There will be the opportunity for round table question and answers and case study discussions.Details of the session for your diary:

  • Date:  20th January 2011
  • Time: 1415 - 1615
  • Venue: Chelsea and Westminster Post Graduate centre

The afternoon session is free of charge and open to all primary care professionals. Please download a registration form here and return to Jonathan Harris.

Choose and Book - New services added

Choose and Book

We have recently made the following developments on Choose and Book:

  • Our Lower Back Pain service is now available on Choose and Book (can be found under pain management or orthopaedics).
  • Our Endometriosis and Urogynaecology services are now directly bookable (previously only indirectly bookable)
  • Our erectile dysfunction service and non-urgernt haematuria service are also now available

Appointment availability has improved so that around 95% of booking attempts are now successful.

We also hope to add our antenatal service and two week wait services to Choose and Book in the near future and will endeavour to maintain our improvements appointment availability. We are participating in the Northwest London Full Electronic Booking Programme and are committed to increasing usage of Choose and Book to refer to the hospital, so we welcome any feedback you having on accessing our services.  

South Westminster Centre
New Phone numbers now live

The South Westminster Health Centre – where several of the Trust’s community services are based – has installed a new phone system which requires all existing phone numbers to be changed. New phone numbers:

  • Ground Floor – Main Reception T:0207 963 2444
  • 1st Floor Reception T:0207 963 2500 or 0207 963 2501
  • 2nd Floor Reception T: 0207 963 2400

The new numbers are now live and old numbers will be disconnected on Friday 17 December. A printable version with additional fax numbers is available here

Consultant joiners and leavers

Warren Hyer - Paediatric Gastroenterology
Nikihil Kapse - Nuclear Medicine
James Shelly - Dermatology
Nebil Behar - Vascular Surgery

Karl Asse - Dermatology
Prof Christopher Bunker - Dermatology
Pietro Ferrando - Plastic Surgery
Helgi Sigmurdasson - Vascular Surgery
Diane Fung - Paediatric Dentistry
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