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The John Hunter Clinic for Sexual Health
2011 Directory of Services
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
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HIV and Sexual Health Education
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Referrals to Physiotherapy
Maternity Services rated amongst the best in London
56 Dean Street wins top NHS award
Consultant joiners and leavers
Education Sessions Survey
Would regular educational sessions held at the Chelsea and Westminster be of interest to you? Would regular educational sessions held at the Chelsea and Westminster be of interest to you?

If educational sessions are of interest to you, what time would suit you best? If educational sessions are of interest to you, what time would suit you best?


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Women's Health Study Day
Joint Meeting with The British Menopause Society

The Gynaecology Department will be hosting a joint study day with the British Menopause Society. Developed for clinicians with an interest in reproductive health, the menopause and post menopause health.

With a full programme, some of the topics covered will include the diagnosis and management of premature ovarian failure, psychosexual medicine, premenopausal contraception and an HRT update. Each topic is presented by nationally recognised gynaecologists and specialist gynaecology nurses, giving you the chance to pose questions and discuss women’s health and the management of menopausal women in a primary care setting. 

Details of the session for your diary:

Date: Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Time: 0900 - 1700

Venue:  Post Graduate Centre, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

The study day is open to all primary care professionals. Please download a registration form here  and for more information please visit the British Menopause Society website.

The John Hunter Clinic for Sexual Health
New Services

The John Hunter Clinic for Sexual Health based at the St Stephen's Centre has recently extended its clinics to offer increased access to patients and a greater variety of clinical services. New services include:

  • Family Planning —advice, support and a wide range of contraceptives including LARC (Implanon, Depo Provera, IUD/IUS)
  • Cont@ct 3—a caring, confidential environment for young people aged 19 and under. Offering STI screening, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, termination of pregnancy referral, contraception including free condoms, information and advice about sexual health and relationships.

These compliment the clinic's existing services, which include:

  • Screening and treatment for STIs and other genital infections
  • HIV testing and onward referral for HIV care where necessary
  • Contraception clinics and emergency contraception
  • Sexual Health Adviser service providing advice and support around all aspects of STIs and HIV including partner notification and risk reduction
  • Free condoms and lubricant
  • Telephone/text results service
  • Specialist Referral Clinics—for long term or recurrent problems including Genital Herpes.
  • Rapid HIV testing with results available immediately
  • Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)—for HIV exposure

The John Hunter Clinic now operates walk-in clinics on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays, for further detail of these clinics please see our website.

Patients can also access clinics by booking an appointment online or via our call centre (020 3315 6699)                                                           

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2011 Directory of Services

In February you will receive hand delivered copies of the 2011 Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Directory of Services.GP-Directory-Cover

Following positive comments on the paediatric directory published in November 2008 and feedback via the latest GP survey for the need for similar information on all our clinical services we have updated and incorporated the paediatric directory into a new comprehensive directory.

Given the choice and complexity of services offered by hospitals in London we have aimed to provide concise, easy-to-access information about the services we offer and the healthcare professionals that provide them.

This year we will also be adding a consultant directory to our website with information on the specialist interests and contact details of each of our consultants.

The directory is also available on the newly updated Healthcare Professionals section of our website. If your practice has not received a copy by the end of February or if you would like additional copies please contact Jonathan Harris.


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Update and Survey

Neuro Therapy

Following 12 months of development to improve access and increase therapies available to patients the physiotherapy service now seeks your feedback. 

Taking a few moments to provide feedback in the survey gives you the opportunity to help the MSK Physiotherapy team to meet the needs of patients and primary care.

Please follow this link to complete the survey: 


In 2010

March - The service introduced an Appointment Reminder System.  To date it has helped reduce the DNA rate from over 10% down to 5% and has also helped to re-allocate cancelled appointments.

July - The Therapy Department received a written endorsement from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy for our unique profile in generating clinically relevant research and integrating research findings into clinical practice to improve clinical outcomes.

October - The service began to pilot an acupuncture clinic for patients with low back pain, knee osteoarthritis and shoulder pain.  Acupuncture had already been available to suitable patients but this new clinic model has enabled greater access to acupuncture treatment for patients referred to physiotherapy for these conditions.

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twitter-logoYou can now follow us on Twitter for service updates and news from Chelsea and Westminster. Follow us by clicking on the  Twitter icon or at

You might also be interested in following:

HIV and Sexual Health Education
March and April 2011

HIV What You Need To Know Course

Essential for all those who need an in-depth view of HIV including diagnosis, current treatments, HIV testing, adherence and resistance, mental health problems, ethical issues and a patient panel.

Details of the session for your diary:

Date: 14th & 15th April 2011

Venue: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Cost: £195

Sexually Transmitted Infections Foundation Course

Topics including epidemiology, principles of STI service provision, sexual history skills, how to discuss STIs with patients in primary care, management of sexual partner contact tracing, challenges of health promotion, HIV testing in practice; clinical scenarios and management.

Details of the session for your diary:

Date: 31st March/1st April 2011

Venue: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Cost: £195

The study days are open to all primary care professionals. Download further information here or email Linda Connor (HIV & Sexual Health Education Coordinator)

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Coloposcopy Clinic
Direct referrals

As of the 4th January all women who have a cervical smear test taken in GP practices in the southern part of NHS Kensington and Chelsea and the Victoria and Pimlico areas of NHS Westminster and have clinical indication for colposcopy will have their cervical cytology report referred direct to the colposcopy clinic at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

The information regarding this new process of referral has been circulated to you by Kate Glass for Kensington and Chelsea GPs and from Judith Walker for Victoria and Pimlico GPs.

If you have any questions please email our Nurse Colposcopist Sue Ogden at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital or telephone the colposcopy clinic on 0203 315 5927

Referrals to Physiotherapy
NHS Kensington and Chelsea

The physiotherapy department is encouraging GPs in NHS Kensington and Chelsea to use the new physiotherapy referral form (EMIS and Vision) to refer into the service.

The fax number to access the service is now 020 3315 8402 and is the only point of access for patients who wish to have their physiotherapy at the following clinics:

  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
  • Colville Health Centre
  • Emperor’s Gate Centre for Health
  • Holland Park Surgery
  • Kensington Park Medical Centre
  • Scarsdale Medical Centre
  • Violet Melchett Health Centre
  • Walmer Road Clinic
  • Worlds End Health Centre

Patients requiring an urgent appointment can be seen within 1 week. For patients who require a standard physiotherapy appointment we have appointments available within 4 week.

Maternity Services rated amongst the best in London
CQC Survey

Women who have had their babies in the trust have rated our maternity care as among the best in London in an independent survey.

According to the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) survey of women’s experiences of all maternity services in England, only four hospitals in London were rated better than the national average—we were one of them.

The results of the survey, published in December, revealed that 61% of women who gave birth at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital last February rated their care as ‘Excellent’—the third best rating in London.

The Trust’s performance has improved markedly since the last survey in 2007 with our results on 16 of the 53 questions ‘significantly better’. However, the results do demonstrate that further work is needed to improve women’s satisfaction with our maternity services, particularly in relation to postnatal care.

We have already implemented a number of changes since the survey was carried out last February including:

  • Providing a 24-hour cleaning/housekeeping presence on Labour Ward
  • Reducing midwifery vacancy rates from 40% to 12%
  • The Maternity section of the Trust website has also been revamped to include an innovative new service—an e-midwife called ‘Lola’ provides advice for non-urgent queries on all aspects of midwifery care.

An action plan for further improvements will be agreed by  the Maternity Services Liaison Committee. Further information including detailed results for all maternity units in England are available on the Care Quality Commission website.

56 Dean Street wins top NHS award

Dean St

Staff at 56 Dean Street, our HIV and sexual health centre in Soho, won the ‘Success in Partnership Working’ category of the London NHS Health and Social Care Awards 2010 for their Hepatitis B screening, vaccination and treatment service run jointly with the Chinese National Healthy Living Centre.

This award recognises staff who have developed integrated services which are patient-centred and which cross professional and organisational boundaries.

The unique and innovative service provided at 56 Dean Street encourages the Chinese community, some of whom may have recently arrived in the UK and who may not speak English, to take up Hepatitis B screening, vaccination and treatment. It aims to reduce undiagnosed Hepatitis B infection and transmission.

Consultant joiners and leavers


Sarah Shah - Paediatric Dentistry

Haifaa Nasir - Dermatology

Huhammad Choudry - Paediatric Surgery

Dhafer Beham - Dermatology


Emma Edmonds - Paediatric Dentistry

Wendy Mathews - Accident and Emergency

Vivien Thomas - Anaesthetics

Damian Fahy - Trauma and Orthopaedics

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